Will My Insurance Premium Go Up After Filing A Storm Damage Claim?


Many homeowners believe that filing an insurance claim for storm damage will raise their insurance premiums. This is not true. Making a claim for hail or storm damage will not cause your premium to increase. Hail and storm damage is considered an “act of god". The law states that insurance companies cannot increase your premium on that basis.

Can “Shopping For Bids” In Order To Find A Lower Cost, Save My Deductible?


No- if you choose the contractor that can do the job for any amount, that’s exactly what your insurance company will pay you; minus your deductible. There is no financial reward for finding a lower price and you often run the risk of lower quality materials & craftsmanship. The only way a deductible is ‘covered’ is by submitting a false invoice that reflects a higher dollar amount, not what you actually paid the contractor. There are federal & state laws that prohibit this.

What’s the process in dealing with my insurance company to get repairs done?
  • We will inspect your property and review each item with you on the inspection report.

  • You will contact your insurance agent to inform them of the damages.

  •  We will personally meet the Insurance Adjuster at your home for the walk-through.

  • Your insurance agent will send the repair analysis report and check so LDJ Roofing can start production

Get Your Investment Covered

Insurance information can seem daunting to understand when structure damage needs to be fixed. LDJ Roofing will make  your installation or repair process as simple, hassle free, and cost effective as possible. Here are some common questions that our clients have about our process.